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    Welcome to The website that makes running your Local Golf Blitz simple and easy to manage. Simply sign up and input your golfers to begin tracking each and every round played so those blitz points are up to date and accurate. No more keeping up with all that paperwork. As a person who runs the blitz I'm sure you'll appreciate the ease of using Just sign up, enter your information and start inputting scores. We provide a simple method of entering and maintaining your blitz records plus added features like trend analysis with charts and graphs you can use to see how you and your golfers are doing. is dedicated to the amateur golfer who wants a more accurate measure of their skill level. Points are updated every round which enables each golfer to be properly measured against his or her USGA handicap. Most tournaments require you have a USGA handicap and I recommend you do that, however if you want your blitz to be fair and accurate, updating your scores after each round with is the answer. No more getting killed by the golfer who is a 20 handicap and playing to a 10 until the handicap is updated. Keep the points updated after each round so everyone is on an even playing field. You'll find that golf is much more enjoyable when everyone has a chance to win.

    The "Point" system

    We use a modified Stafford-Simpson point system much like the PGA Tour. Under the points system, golfers receive points based on the following scale. The points are: 1 point for a bogey, 2 points for a par, 4 points for a birdie, 8 points for an Eagle and should it happen, 11 points for a hole in one or a double eagle. This point system is commonly used on golf courses throughout the country and is a fair and impartial judge of how well we play. The points are accumulated and totaled for the front nine, back nine and overall.

    You start a new golfer just joining your blitz with his handicap subtracted from 36 which is a perfect PAR round under this point system. For example....A new golfer has a 15 handicap. He/she needs to pull 21 points. If the points are an odd number such as 21, the golfer would have to pull 10 points on one side and 11 points on the other. The golfer would have to pull the least points on the side with the number 1 handicap hole.

    As points accumulate, each golfer's most recent 5 rounds are averaged and printed out on a points report which you take to the golf course. It is common to award prizes to the front nine, back nine and overall winner. Most courses I play at just award the top three or four in overall points production. Some award prizes to the team that pulls the most points. The possibilities are endless and now are easier than ever to manage thanks to
    This point system can be modified to fit your blitz(number of rounds averaged, Points awarded)

    How much does it cost?

    It's as easy as $1 per month per golfer. Pay by the year and it's only $10.00 per year for each golfer and your blitz paperwork headache is gone. It's well worth it if you carry boxes of cards or folders the size of a brief case to the golf course every day. Billing is done by the blitz. If you have 20 golfers in your blitz you'll receive an invoice for $20 per month. It's that simple. No hassles, no fuss. Of course, non payment would result in loss of access to the site.
    Contact for more info or an on-site demo of our site.

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